Disney APT convertible car seat review

Now you don’t want to sit and plan for some new things when you want to call your babies out of your home. It is because the Disney APT convertible car seat makes your work so simple as well as easy with its help you can call your babies and go anywhere easily.

When you make use of it during your travel it has the power to credit you more happiness as well you’re also kids would start enjoying their trip. You can able to find out a features called the mouse ear headrest through making use of it you can able to make your kids head to stand straight.

This Disney APT had been designed in the manner which satisfies all the needs and wants of your babies and when you make use of this you are giving the best comfortable zone for your kids.

The attractive features of Disney APT

When you make use of this seat it would be fully supportable and flexible for your kids. With this support they also would have a great chance for them to come out with you. At the same time by making use of it you also no need to worry for anything as like what would happen when you put sudden break. In short when Disney APT is inside your car you are happy with your kids inside the car.

  • You can easily make use of this in rear facing from 51 lbs to 40 lbs as well you can use them by facing in forward directions.
  • It had been specially designed for your kids who are under the weight of 5 lbs.
  • This also have the side impact protections that can be used as for two different modes, these side impact would be helpful for crash events.


  • It gives more comfortable situation for kids and gives safer feel for parents.
  • It is easy to fit in as well as to remove.
  • When you fit this inside your car then it would give a pleasant look for your car.
  • This would be an affordable car seat and for this you don’t want to break the bank to buy.
  • It contains the easily adjustable setting and through that you can able to make your kids to remain safer always.


  • But some users feel that the pillow setting is not comfortable for them to make use of it.


As a parent it is your role to help and to support your kids always so it is a good investment for you to buy Disney APT convertible car seat. It contains the five point’s harness that would sure make it easy for you make all adjustments to fit well for your child. It also gives the good companion for your kids. Whenever you make use of this during your travel then you are stress free and all happiness would be loaded around you. So there won’t be any tension or stress near you.