Diono Radian R100 All-In-One Convertible Car Seat Review

The Radian R100 convertible car seat design begins with a steel alloy frame for the basis that stands strong and it will protect your baby from accident. The Radian R100 is an aluminum non-breakable surface walls that are lined with the force absorbing EPS foams, thick for the excellent side impact protection. This product offers additional protection for your children and it gives you awesome travelling experience. When the safestop is installed in your car then it provides the bungee like force absorption that reduce the power on the baby. Moreover the Radian R100 car seat boosts the rear facing tether capabilities for reducing the rotation of the seat during an impact.

The Diono Radian R100 convertible car seat is tested at its maximum rear facing, forward facing and booster weight capacities and it is rated for the 10 years of life and also this car seats adapt to your child as they grow and keep their car rides comfortable and safe for many years. This Diono R1000 car seat is comfortable, good choice and safe whether you are buying for your own baby or gifting to someone else.

Diono Radian R100 car seat features

  • Adaptable design with the three modes for the growing kids
  • It has the Five-point harness
  • The car seat cover is of washable one and provides a comfortable feel while you sit for long period of time.
  • The Radian R100 is a compact and foldable one which is approved for airplane
  • The seats are made up of the steel alloy frame and the energy absorbing EPS foam
  • The Radian R100 car convertible car seat is a secure super LATCH installation


As of with any car sear there are always pros and cons so we will need to explore the reasons why this Diono Radian R100 which may provide number of benefits with less cons to its users.

  • This Radian R100 car seat is a beast, sturdy and very strong one
  • The option to recline the car seat when forwards facing is a nice and excellent feature
  • This car seat is worth the price considering one that grows with your child for so long time
  • The car seat is easy to install the forward facing with the latch system and very easy to get tight with the proper installation
  • The car seat is of easy to use, rear facing and has a rear belt.


  • This car seat can’t fit the rear facing in some types of the car models
  • The R100 convertible car seat is of heavy one in weight


The Diono Radian R100 car seats are rather tall and that found difficult to fit rear facing in smaller vehicles and even though these seats are foldable they are rather heavy in their weight. This seat provides more benefits to the users when it is fixed in the larger vehicles and this is the best seat for long travel.